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We've got a lot going on over here, so naturally, you'll have questions.

In order to bring your dog for petcare services, you’ll first need to complete your pet’s profile. Once vaccination records have been verified by our team, you’ll be able to schedule a compatibility session.

During daycare, your dog will rotate through group play, rest time, and mental enrichment activities. Dogs are encouraged to participate in structured group activities, as well as set their own interactions in a safe, supervised environment.

To be eligible for our daycare and boarding services, or to visit the bar & park, your pup must be up-to-date on bordetella, distemper/parvo, and rabies vaccinations. Vaccination records can be uploaded directly to your pet’s profile. Don’t have your dog’s records handy? No problem! When completing your pet’s profile, provide your veterinarian’s information and we’ll contact them directly.

To ensure the safety of our guests, we require all vaccinations be given by a licensed veterinarian. We do not accept dogs who are given at-home vaccinations.

Yes, your pup must be at least four months old. All dogs older than six months must be spayed or neutered. Exceptions may be considered with a veterinary recommendation for delay.

Meet & Greets begin with an overview of your dog’s paperwork, history, and health. Then, your pup will spend time with one of our team members in an observation room where our professional canine handler will assess sensitivities, comfort levels during playtime, interactions with other dogs, and comfort levels during feedings or naptime (if needed). If your pup isn’t ready for open play, we will offer advice to help address any practical issues. Of course, dogs are always welcome back for a future assessment.

The Meet & Greet is also a great time to check out the Wag & Bone facility, answer questions, and see our various play areas.

A compatibility session takes one – two hours. Once approved, your dog is welcome to play for the rest of the day at no cost.

No. We ask that you keep sick pups at home until they feel better. We take the health and safety of all Wag & Bone dogs very seriously – at Wag & Bone, we use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and protocols to prevent the spread of illness. Any time your dog is interacting with other dogs, there’s an assumed risk that your dog could get sick.

If a dog arrives at daycare or boarding sick, they will be sent home. We may request that they are cleared by a veterinarian before returning.

There are always risks associated when dogs socialize. At Wag & Bone, we take great pride in going above and beyond to make our facility the cleanest and safest in NYC; we verify vaccinations for all visiting dogs, have rigorous cleaning protocols (including regular, thorough sanitization with hospital-grade disinfectants), and expertly trained staff immediately isolate them from the other dogs and contact you.

If your dog eats lunch or needs medication during the day, you can bring those items to daycare with them. We make it easy for you to customize your dog’s daycare schedule in the Wag & Bone app by allowing you to add meals and medication to your daycare session.

Your dog should come with all of their meals for the duration of their stay. Each kennel is outfitted with a raised bed and cozy blanket for your pet’s comfort. We also welcome small items from home like a blanket or t-shirt to keep your pet company overnight. See below for more information about food and medicine for your dog’s overnight stay.

Each meal, for the duration of your dog’s stay, should be in an individual, sealed bag. If your dog eats wet food, please provide the original sealed container, labeled with your dog’s name.

If food is not pre-portioned, there will be a $5.00, per meal, charge.

If your dog runs out of food during their stay, we will provide our house dry dog food at $5.00 per meal. This will be added to the final charge for your pet’s stay.

Meal instructions should be updated in your pet’s profile in the Wag & Bone app.

We are happy to administer oral medications to your dog during their stay. Medications must be provided in the original container with the prescription label. Please update the medication information and dosage instructions in the Wag & Bone app; you can add medication to your dog’s session when booking your daycare or boarding session. Please communicate any special instructions during check-in and our team will document that information in your pet’s profile.

If your dog is boarding with us, we will allow a small comfort item. However, toys, beds, chews, and large items or blankets are not allowed.

  • Dogs can be dropped for daycare and boarding Monday – Friday from 7 a.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday from 9:00 a.m.

Standard daycare pick up is by 7:00 p.m.

Standard boarding pick up is by 12:00 p.m., on departure day. Additional full day of daycare charge if picked up after 12:00 p.m.

We love having pups from the same family come to Wag & Bone together! We’re happy to accommodate your preference on whether they sleep together in the same kennel.

When you book multiple dogs from the same household together, you’ll receive a 10% discount for each additional dog.

Holiday pick-up and drop off times, minimum nights per stay and cancellation restrictions vary by holiday and will be communicated in advance. Wag & Bone members receive early access to the holiday booking schedule.

Yes! You can access the live cams on your account page and on the Wag & Bone website.

To minimize the likelihood for dog disagreements and injury, we assess every dog’s personality and require all dogs pass a compatibility session before they’re able to participate in daycare or boarding at Wag & Bone. Our group play dynamic is a core part of our daycare and boarding experience. Dogs who exhibit extreme discomfort or aggressive tendencies will not be eligible for daycare of boarding services.

Even dogs who pass our compatibility session may get into disagreements with other dogs. Like humans, dogs have bad days too! If your pup is involved in a disagreement, they may be asked not to return until they’re seen by a trainer. Safety and fun are our top priorities, and we’re glad to be able to create an environment that looks out for everyone!

Yes! You can add a bath, nail-trim, and more to your dog’s day through the Wag & Bone app or in your online Wag & Bone account.

Stop by with your pup to use our state-of-the-art bath and drying room! You bring the pup and leave the mess!

We supply:
• Elevated, Poly Pet Tubs with easy walk-up ramp
• Your choice of hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners
• High-powered blow dryers and towels
• Water-proof apron
• Brushes and combs for all hair types

Walk-ins are welcome! Our self-serve baths are first-come, first-served. Hours for self-serve baths follow our bar & park hours unless otherwise specified.