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New Pet Parent Info

We have some of the best ‘doggone’ pet parents in Long Island City. we don't believe in the term ‘bad dog,’ however, not every dog is fit for off-leash, open-play environment. To ensure the safety of all the dogs in our care, each pup must complete a Meet & Greet with us.

Getting Ready For The Meet & Greet – What To Expect

Most Meet & Greets begin with an overview of your dog’s paperwork, history, and health. Then, your pup will spend time with one of our team members in an observation room where our professional canine handler will assess sensitivities, comfort levels during playtime, interactions with other dogs, and comfort levels during feedings or naptime (if needed). If your pup isn’t ready for open play, we will offer advice to help address any practical issues. Of course, dogs are always welcome back for a future assessment.

The Meet & Greet is also a great time to check out the Wag & Bone facility, answer questions, and see our various play areas.

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